Learn How to Surf DVD Video
Our Learn to Surf Video is the premiere Learn to Surf DVD for beginners!!
  We feel it is the best Learn How to Surf DVD Videoof all the videos out there!!
Congratulations on taking that beginning step to becoming a surfer, the greatest lifestyle on earth!! We are going to teach you in a fun and simple way, that you can practice at home, how to surf. Or if you're learning to surf already at the beach, you'll improve even quicker with this informative Learn to Surf DVD Video. We have succesfully taught well over 2000 beginners to learn how to surf. We have taught these beginner students all one at a time, using our highly refined system. We've taught young and old people how to surf. We've taught very athletic people and people with limited athletic ability to learn to surf. As long as you have the dream of surfing, you should pursue your dream!!
Our Learn How to Surf Video DVD is about 3 times as long as the standard Learn How to Surf videos, we cover everything exhaustively!! Most Learn How to Surf DVD's run 28-32 minutes, this Learn to Surf video is close to 90 minutes and  jam packed with great information. We feel Our Learn How to Surf DVD video is the best on the market!
Let's hear from one of our former students Rachel W. from Brooklyn:
"Frank!!!! Thank you and Kevin so much!! I started the morning very tentative and unsure if I'd even be able to stand up. I am so grateful that I had purchased your Learn to Surf DVD Video online. I watched the video, it was fun and informative, and I believe it really speeded up my learning process. Guess what? I went and got my own surfboard, a beautiful 8'6 fun shape! I am so proud of myself!! Thank you guys, Thank you, thank you!!!!!" 
John M. from Cincinatti, Ohio wrote:
"Frank, we are so happy we purchased your Learn How to Surf movie. It was a great step by step format that our young Michael (12 years old) watched for 2 weeks getting ready for our trip to Florida. Well, with all his practice and knowledge he gained from the surf video, he was standing and riding waves in no time!! His surf Instructors were very impressed with the knowledge he gained from the surf video. They actually said they were going to recommend your video to there new students!! You guys are the best!!  Also thank you so much for keeping in touch with us via email, and enthusiastically following his progress! When we take our trip to NYC, we will be coming out to surf with you!! We are supposed to be in New York last 2 weeks in August, I will email the details
The most informative, fun, comprehensive and we feel the best Learn How to Surf Video DVD on the market!! Most Learn To Surf Videos are anywhere from 28-32 minutes, get your notebook out and get ready!! Our premiere Learn to Surf DVD Video is close to 90 minutes!!!
In this fun and informative Learn to Surf DVD, we cover:
-Popping Up                        -Water Safety
-Paddling                              -Spotting Dangerous Situations
-Where to Surf                     -Surfing Etiquette
-Board Control                   - And Much, Much More!!
     It is a such a great feeling when we get emails from people who've watched our Learn to Surf movies. It tells us we've put together an excellent product. It's easy for us to say this is the best Learn              to surf dvd on the market. However, it has  a lot more weight when our students say it!! 
     We offer a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee!! If you are not completely satisfied for any        reason, we will cheerfully refund your purchase.
The time to act is NOW! You are one click away from beginning 
      your life changing experience and becoming a surfer!!!
                            About Your Surf  Instructors
    With 50 years of Surfing Experience between them, your Surf Instructors Frank Cullen      and Kevin Kash will take you step by step through a fun and informative Lesson Plan from                               water safety, board selection, riding waves, etc... 
Surf Instructor Frank Cullen has been surfing for 28 years and  and has travelled to Mexico, California, Florida, and says the best waves he's ever caught while travelling was in Ireland!!
Surf Instructor and Professional Actor Kevin Kash has been surfing the Rockaway peninsula for over 20 years and has logged travel time and has surfed as far away as Japan!!
Many a concerned parent has a question about safety. How do you get out there and surf safe. This is a very important question. We feel we cover water safety, board control, identifying dangerous situations, etc... exhaustively. Our hope is that this Learn to Surf DVD Video gives the knowledge to have an exciting and fun surfing experience. 
Special thanks and major props to Fritz over at Juicy Melonhead Omni Media for putting together the most professional Learn How to Surf DVD Video on the market. He is an absolute master of his craft, and we highly recommend him. 
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